Twinsburg Overview

Twinsburg is a suburban city in Summit County, Ohio, located about halfway between Akron and Cleveland. is around 18,795. Because of the lower number of people living here making it a perfect place to raise a family. Like the name implies the city holds an annual festival for twins called “Twin Days”. Don’t believe me? Check out the website HERE! The festival holds the honor of being the world’s largest gathering of twins. So, why the name Twinsburg? In 1819 a pair of twins from Connecticut purchased 4,000 acres of land with the idea of selling 6 acres for 20 dollars to anyone to fund the local school. How cool is that? Ironically the two twins had wives who were both sisters as well. Small world right?

The area is also home to some historic museums dedicated to showing visitors how individuals in the 1860s survived. The city also hosts a Public Library as well. It’s also home to a state-of-the-art fitness center, one of the best in the area! Because of the small-town charm, great schools, and close proximity to Cuyahoga Valley National Park the market for purchasing a home is extremely HOT. Homes for sale in Twinsburg are very affordable, with median pricing coming in at $230,000 USD. If you are interested to learn more about this awesome city scroll down!

The city sits right next to Cuyahoga Valley National Park making it one of the best places for outdoor activities. One of the more known things to plan a trip around is the Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad! This scenic railroad offers a 2 and a half hour trip through the valley allowing you to see all that nature has to offer while sitting in the comfort of your train car. Enjoy the views of deer, eagles, beaver and other wild animals that inhabit the valley.

During some parts of the year, we like to do something called Questing! Unlike Geocaching no GPS is required and no trinkets are needed for exchange making it a great adventure for families of all ages. To find out more information check out the link HERE! Don’t forget questing season runs from April 15 through November 15! The area also has tons of hiking trails for you and all of your four-legged friends (dogs and horses included!)

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If you are interested in higher education the city has two great colleges right off of Interstate 217. Kent State University has a great campus here along with Ohio University College. Both schools excel in multiple disciplines. If you are getting your degree in medicine look no further than UH Twinsburg Health Center. Either way, if you’re looking at homes for sale in Twinsburg, we have you covered for your educational needs!

If you have any questions about what schools will work for you and your children feel free to reach out to me. I’ve had the opportunity to help clients buy and sell within the school district so I’m well versed in the city’s educational system. Feel free to call me at 216-533-3072 or email me with questions at [email protected]!


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